Radio is a Reinforcement tool to support learning and facilitation in literacy classes


The efficacy of radio as a tool education, organization and mobilization has been recognized by the Non-Formal Education Division and is vigorously using it at all stages of the NFLP. Radio is being used at the community entry and mobilization stages for sensitizing target communities to accept literacy as an integral part of their developmental process. Secondly, radio is being used as a reinforcement tool to support learning and facilitation in literacy classes and thirdly radio is also playing an integral role in the creation of a literate environment.

The Radio for Social Change Programme (RSCP) of the NFLP is a core learning support programme aimed at reinforcing learning in adult literacy classes. The RSCP uses radio to complement the Modified Freirean Methodology of providing literacy to neo-literates. In doing this, the Communication Unit provides radio support services that complement all primer based discussions on literacy classes in partnership with 18 private and community radio stations. In furtherance to this objective, the Unit in partnership with the Ghana Community Radio Network coordinates the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between NFED and Partner Stations.

In achieving its mandate, the Unit trains radio producers on the use of Modified Freirean Methodology to produce and broadcast functional literacy radio programmes for Radio Listening Groups.  It also monitors radio programmes being broadcast by partner’s stations.and undertakes radio audience surveys in coverage  areas of the RSCP to enrich the content of the radio programmes.