INTRODUCTION: The  Unit is one of the youngest Departments and is an integral component of the Division. It helps the organizations to work more efficiently and to maximize productivity; faster e-communication, electronic storage, protection of records and other documents. The Unit manages computer applications on which nearly every other Office is dependent.


  • Software installations
  • Periodic updates of software
  • Database development and management
  • Ensure routine  schedules
  • Computer preventive maintenance such as hard disk cleanup and removal of temporal files, Defragmentation and cleansing of infested PC’s with antivirus
  • Management and periodic update of Division’s Website
  • Ensure satisfactory Network and Internet Services at all time
  • Retrieval of data from damaged Hard Disk Drives
  • Computer repairs
  • Technical user support
  • Assessing I.C.T. needs of Staff, Preparing training materials in Introduction to Computers and MS Office Suite and offering the training
  • Hardware, Network and internet maintenance
  • Data recovery from damaged Hard Drives
  • Management of Staff Attendance Device and Software Etc.