Theatre for Development


Band is played to entertain Opinion Leaders, Invited Guests and Community Members during community entry programmes that support districts staff to enroll learners and recruit facilitators.


The Division uses theatre for development tools in the sensitization of target communities and the mobilization of learners. The Theatre for Development Unit is responsible for this unique programme. The Unit operates under the Field Operations Section. Key staff of the Unit comprises Musicians, Actors, Actresses, Sound Engineer, Electrician and Programme Officers.  To achieve its objective, the Unit conducts outreach programmes to create awareness on functional literacy and the benefits of education.

Schedule officers harness information through interviews, group discussions and research in target communities. Issues raised are scripted, jointly enacted and high points discussed for resolution.

The Unit enacts themes in the primer and topical issues socio-economic and social issues. It ensures that knowledge acquired is utilized through practice by engaging communities in regular development activities. Through this, both learners and the public become well informed and empowered to undertake development programmes with or without funding.


They create awareness through performance during community entry programmes which support District Officers to recruit facilitators and enroll learners.

The Unit also conducts community entry programmes, support districts to enroll learners and recruit facilitators; organizes joint development activities with target communities and collaborates with the Ghana Police Service, Ghana National Fire Service, Ghana Health Service, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, National Commission for Civic Education, Forestry Department, NADMO etc. at the districts level. It enacts themes in the primer for radio and television drama and designs appropriate choreography for people with disability (PWD) to enable them disseminate information on literacy.