Monitoring and Evaluation


Mr. Emmanuel Doe, Head of Monitoring And Evaluation Unit

Monitoring and Evaluation is an integral component of the National Functional Literacy Programme (NFLP) and ensures successful implementation of the NFLP through effective policy formulation and implementation at all levels. The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit provides useful, timely and accurate information to all stakeholders for management decision making at all levels.

The Unit coordinates all monitoring activities of the programme. Specifically, it initiates field monitoring activities nationwide at the Headquarters, Regional and District levels. Whilst Regional and District staff carry out frequent visits to literacy classes, Headquarters conduct periodic visits to classes annually. Findings emerging from these visits are discussed at the various managerial levels and feedback into the programme to enhance delivery at all levels.

The Unit handles a Management Information System (MIS) which provides data on class management and supervision through Class Registration Forms, Facilitator’s Class Records, Supervisor’s Zonal Records and Class Survey Forms.